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Homemade Moscato Wine Reduction

I had some leftover wine (I'm a rookie drinker) from Easter that had been opened that was no longer nice 
to drink, so I boiled it to reduce it to a syrup that is thick like honey. The syrup went to an amber colour 
due to the sugar content, which added a nice caramel flavour. Moro is an Italian brand that does a 
moscato glaze, which is very similar but has thickeners and such.
I'm going to use the reduction mostly for salad dressings (straight or with olive oil) or to add depth of 
flavor to dishes such as stuffed chicken, pasta sauces, etc.
I'm going to try this with red wine next time - it would make an amazing addition to brown casseroles, 
beef dishes and bolognese sauces.

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