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BBQ Beef Stir-Fry

Stir-Fries are easy, quick and relatively healthy when done well. What I love the most is that they can be prepared days before - chop vegetables and marinade the meat. The flavours are what you decide and they are delicious. I cheated and used a Korean soy based flavour sachet this week, but usually I would just make a mix of soy, oyster sauce and other Asian flavours.

I knew I had a late shift yesterday, so in the morning I prepared my vegetables and marinated the meat. When I got home in the evening, I fried up the wok and I had a healthy, tasty meal in 10 minutes.

Oil - chilli infused canola oil, sesame oil.
Aromatics - corriander root, garlic, ginger, chilli, black pepper.
Vegetables - pak choy, carrot, onion, brocolli, capsicum, cabbage. (Other examples - bean shoots, water chestnuts, corn spears, celery, etc.)
Nuts - peanuts, cashews.
Meat - beef rump cut into strips and marinated in a Korean soy based mix.
Noodles or rice to serve along side.

My method is not conventional, but the beef is alot more tender this way as it's cooked to medium rare (do not use this method for chicken. Precook chicken, then add to the vegetables at the end).
Soak noodles, then strain. Heat oil, add vegetables in the sequence of their 'hardness' (onion, carrot, bok choy stems, brocolli, bok choy leaves), add the meat and continue to stirfry for two minutes, add noodles and turn off the heat.
Serve with chopsticks in a deep bowl.
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