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Easter egg dying guide tutorial

Tie Dye Easter Eggs: Simple, but effeggtive (get it?!) This simple tutorial will help you be a tie dye Easter egg master. These will make your Easter egg hunt a colorful time.

Put a Band on it: For a little striped egg fun, grab some rubber bands and wrap them around the eggs. Dunk the eggs into one color dye, then add more rubber bands, then dunk into another color. You can remove some rubber bands as you go to allow the stripes to take the new color you’re dunking. At the end, remove all of the rubber bands and admire your stripes.
Marble On: These marble Easter eggs are artistic, to say the least, and also definitely doable. Tutorial here
Pokemon Easter Eggs: If your kids are Pokemon-lovers, they’ll love these eggs. Though these are probably best-suited for the advanced artists out there.
Au-Natural: If you’re looking for a more natural way to dye Easter eggs, check out the chart below for a few foods that will color your eggs naturally.
coffee blueberry tea chili powder red onion cayenne pepper red cabbage turmeric blueberry yellow onion
Ay, Must be the Ombre: For trendy Easter eggs you can easily execute  at home, these ombre Easter eggs are perfect. Start by making a large batch of dye in water, and pour a small amount of it into another cup so that when an egg is placed in the cup, only 1/3 of it is covered. Let that sit for about 10 minutes, then add some more dye in water until 2/3 of the egg is submerged. Leave for another few minutes before adding enough dye-water to fully cover the egg. Add the last batch of dye-water, so that the egg is fully submerged, and let that sit until you’re happy with the lightest layer of color. For different colored eggs, dip 1/2 the egg in one color, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then flip the egg and drop the white part into a different color dye.
ombre easter eggs
Tracey Lacey: All you’ll need to make these eggs pop is a doily. Wrap the doily tightly around the egg and band  it so it stays in place. Dip the wrapped egg in dye and allow to sit for a few minutes before removing the egg from the mixture and allow that to dry before removing the lace.

Water Color Your World: We love this idea to make your own water color Easter eggs. It’s a little messy, but definitely an easy one for you and your kids to have fun with. Check out the tutorial here.

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