Raspberry Devine recipe

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1 container of Yoplait Greek yogurt strawberry or raspberry flavor 5.3 oz

1/2 block regular bar cream cheese soften well

1& 1/2 cups real heavy cream

Sugar for whipped cream anywhere from 3/4 to 1 cup depends on how sweet 

you like ,can use less if diabetic or wanting to cut calories ,use at least 1/2 tho..

12 oz bag frozen raspberries and sugar to sweeten to your taste

3 full Graham crackers

Pour frozen raspberries into bowl about 1/2 of them sweeten as you like , let sit 

, crush 1 graham finely sprinkle 1/2 tsp sugar into , place in parfait cup add 

sweeten raspberries then half of container of yogurt , let sit and whip your 

cream then sweeten add in cream cheese at last mix minimum just till cream 

cheese incorporated , add a large scope over your yogurt in parfait glass then 

add more sweetened berries for looks finally 1 dollop of cream and crushed 

graham cracker for prettiness chill and serve , recipes makes 2 large desserts 

can double for more .
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