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Homemade Lima Bean Soup recipe

Homemade Lima Bean Soup
Recipe By Wendy Lipski
(Tonights Dinner)
3 Cups dried lima beans
Ham bones(or ham hocks)
Shredded ham from bones(or hocks)
1 or 2 chopped garlic cloves(I used 2)
1/2 chopped yellow onion
salt and pepper to taste* I used more pepper than salt(not much into salt)
1TSP seasoning salt
2 stalks chopped celery stalks
about a 1 TSP parsley flakes
2 cans mixed vegi's(or 1 frozen bag mixed vegi's)
* this was a 2 day cooking process(I used dutch oven then crock pot)-which I have to admit turned out Awesome
In large pot add bones(or hocks) add water to cover, boil until meat falls off,take out and debone meat off, add beans and boil until soft-watching the level of broth-add water when needed(or add to crock and cook on high 8 hours-check broth level)
Once beans are soft, add garlic,onion,salt n pepper,seasoning salt and celery-boil until onions are soft, then add vegi's, cook on medium for about an hour..Serve
If using crockpot, once beans are soft, add everything except vegi's,cook 4 hours on high, add vegi's for about an hour or 2 on low...Serve
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