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DIY Spring Wind Chime

What you will need:
1 Lg Bag   Colored Plastic cups/shot glasses  (small)
1 Lg Bag   Colored Plastic Beads (your choice of color & style)
Muffin Tin (non sticking, silicone)
Metal Loop (or make your own)
Fishing Line

Heat grill to 425 F.
Put a plastic cup in each place on tin. When grill is ready put muffin tin on grill rack. After melting first cups add another cup (or some beads) and melt completely. Allow to cool. The plastic sets hard and will sound like glass instead of plastic when clicked together.

Drill holes in the sides of each colored plastic with a normal drill bit. Run fishing line through each colored plastic alternating with beads. First fishing line should be approx 11cm then add 1cm of fishing line after each line. Your last & longest line should be approx 17. When you have threaded all colored plastic including beads then tie fishing line to metal loop, with each line. When all are tied then separate them accordingly.

Melting plastic puts off an awful odor so this project is recommended to be done on a grill instead of an oven. If you choose to do this in your oven, please make sure you have good ventilation.
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