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How to Grow a Potted Pineapple

Here is a creative way to have and to grow some tropical fruits at home. You just need to follow the below steps and your guests and friends will be surely impressed.
First, use a sharp knife to take off the top of the pineapple. Be sure to include a piece of the shell in your cut.
Second, place the `crown` in a glass of water. Keep it for a period of 3 days in a lighten area.
Third, when you see little roots coming out your glass-pineapple, plant the whole thing in a big jar. Water twice a week at most.
After 2 years your plant will be ready to be harvested. Try not to overreact with irrigation: the pineapple plant can be watered twice a week right in the middle of the crown, as long as it is inside your house.

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