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Addictable TaterTots

What you'll need:
A 9×13 baking pan/dish..sprayed with non-stick spray
10 (or so) cups of frozen Tater Tots
2 cups of assorted shredded Cheese…divided!  I used Mozzarella and a Colby Jack blend
1 can of any cream soup you like..I used Nacho Cheese
1 lb. Bacon..crispy (reserve the grease..optional)
1 lb. Sausage..fully cooked
1 Green Bell Pepper..chopped//you can totally add whatever veggies you prefer!
1 Onion..chopped..I didn't use it, but I do recommend it!
1/2 cup Butter..softened…if needed!
Sriracha…optional, but SO good with this!
STEP 1: Pour the Tater Tots into a LARGE bowl and set it aside.  They can be frozen, they’ll soften up as you proceed.
STEP 2. In a medium skillet, brown up the Bacon and Sausage separately, reserving most of the grease in the pan..of course you can discard it if you'd like!STEP 3. Remove the Bacon, the Sausage and set them aside!  Chop up your veggies
STEP 4. Add them to the same skillet, if you removed the grease, replace it with a little softened butter, or olive oil!
STEP 5.  Pour the Cream Soup into the pan…
STEP 6. Stir it up to combine, and then add in the cooked Bacon and Sausage
STEP 7.   Let the meat mixture cool just a bit, before adding it into the Tot bowl…
STEP 8.   Now you can add the meat mixture into the bowl o’ Tots…
STEP 9.  Gently stir it to combine…
STEP 10.  Add in 1 cup of the Shredded Cheese and mix it up…making sure to reserve the other cup for the top…
STEP 11.  Pour the mixture into your sprayed baking pan…

STEP 12.  And top it with that remaining shredded Cheese…
STEP 13.  Bake it at 350 degrees for approx. 30-45 minutes, or until it’s golden, bubbly and heated through
STEP 14.  Let that beautiful baby cool…
Spice it up if you’d like..and eat up!  ~Enjoy!  :)

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