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Miss Jade's Easy creamy cheddar cheese ham potato bake

1 1/2 cup of cooked ham
2 cans of cream of celery
1/2 of cream of chicken
Half cup milk
Onions and green onions your own desired amount
1 1/2 cheddar cheese
5 pound bag of potatoes
1 tablespoon of salt

Boil peeled potatoes for 15 minutes or until a little tender leaving it still a little hard. ( potato hack) I actually boil my potatoes first and then peel them it makes it easier.

In a blow stir in ham soup ,milk onions green onions and salt and the cheese leaving half a cup to sprinkle on top later .

In a deep baking pan stir in the potatoes and the sauce we just made in the bowl sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top put aluminum foil on top then bake. Until tender.
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