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Frito Enchilada Pie

Frito Enchilada Pie 


4 c small Fritos

3 c cooked ground beef, taco seasoned

3 c grated cheese

10 oz can of enchilada sauce


1. I poured the Fritos into a large bowl, added

 the cooked ground beef and 2 c of cheese and

 tossed it to mix.

2. I emptied it into my elec skillet, but you can

 certainly use a casserole dish and heat it in the

3. I sprinkled on the rest of the cheese and

 poured the enchilada sauce on top. I set my

 skillet to the "warm" setting, placed the lid on

, and in about 15 min it was bubbly hot and the

 cheese was melted
4. Garnish with sour cream, pico de gallo, salsa

, salad, whatever your heart desires.
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