½ cups Freeze Dried Fruit
½ cups Sugar (you Can Use White, Raw Cane, Or Sugar Free Alternative)
1 teaspoon Citric Acid
100 Plastic Straws


1. To seal the bottom of the pixie sticks, use the needle nose pliers to crimp a straw and make a seal with 1/8 of an inch of straw left open on the bottom. Take the lighter flame to the straw and heat until the end is closed and sealed. Remove heat from the straw and hold for several seconds with the pliers to allow plastic to seal and cool. Remove pliers. Repeat with the rest of the straws.
2. In a blender, combine the freeze dried fruit, sugar and citric acid until smooth. Place the funnel onto the top of the open end of the straw and pour a small amount of the sugar into the funnel, using the toothpick to push down the sugar into the straw if necessary. Leave 1/4 of an inch of space at the top of the straw to seal.
3. Continue filling straws until done. Seal the top of the straw the same way that you sealed the bottom. There may be some burn marks if there is sugar or fruit residue left. Don’t be alarmed!

- You can totally omit the citric acid but it does provide the tanginess that traditional pixie sticks have. Look at your local health food store, baking store or food storage supply facility.
- Amount of pixie sticks made may vary depending on the size of the straws used.
- In order to assemble the Pixie Sticks you’ll also need needle nose pliers, a lighter, a small funnel (can make

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