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Chocolate cake

1 box chocolate cake mix (and ingredients to make cake)
1 large container cool whip
1 large box instant chocolate pudding mix (and milk to make pudding)
1 box Reese's pieces
1 large package Kit Kat bar
1 bag Mini Reese's peanut butter cups
Chocolate Syrup


In mixing bowl, combine cake mix and needed ingredients to make a chocolate cake. *I used Devils Chocolate cake mix.
Bake cake according to directions. Once baked, allow to cool completely.
In another bowl, make chocolate pudding according to directions. Fold in 1/3 container of Cool Whip into pudding, to create a chocolate mousse. Set aside.
  1. Crush up the Kit Kat bar into small pieces.

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  1. Where is the rest of the recipe? It's cut off from what I'm seeing on my end..I'm not sure if it is when someone is looking at it....I would really love to have this recipe so I can make it for our Christmas party!! Thank you!!


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